Relentless, fearless & daring describes Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani. His adventurous nature embodies the Michael Allenova Man!

Al Thani was born June 16, 1982 to the Qatar Royal Family through his father Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani (Sharjah). He also belongs to the Sharjah Royal Family by his paternal grandmother, sister of the current Emir of Sharjah.

Al Thani is a businessman, motivational speaker and well known public figure in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). He is Chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development in the Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE. He holds several positions in a variety of companies. In addition, he is involved in many business ventures like travel and tourism. In August 2007, he founded travel website

Al Thani’s is well known for his adventurous side:

  • Climbing the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest at an altitude of 8,848 m in Nepal (May 22, 2013);
  • Climbing the Seven highest Summits of the seven continents by successfully scaling Mount Denali in Alaska, North America at an altitude of 6,190 m (June 2, 2016);
  • Climbing Mt. Aconcagua in South America at an altitude of 6,962 m (January 5, 2013).
  • Climbing Mt. Elbrus the tallest peak in Europe at an altitude of 5,642 in Russia (August 28, 2012).
  • Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania twice at an altitude of 5,963 m (February 25, 2010 & November 12, 2011 respectively)
  • Climbing Vinson Massif, the highest mountain in Antarctica at an altitude of 4,897 m (December 25, 2012);
  • Summited Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia at an altitude of 2,228 m (October 11, 2012); and
  • Climbing Mont Blanc at an altitude of 4,810 m (September 10, 2011.)

In addition, Al Thani became the first Qatari to “Ski the last degree” to the South Pole, “the bottom of the world in commemoration of Qatar’s National Day. His other pursuits include trekking in Nepal, participating in high-speed boating events and taking part in the famous Gumball3000 Rally.

Get to know Al Thani a little more through the responses below:

What inspired you to start

I was travelling a great deal since I was young child with my parents, then on adventure travel to many exotic countries around the world with my friends which then turned into extreme adventure travel and pushing my limits to the maximum by scaling the Seven highest summits of the Seven continents all the way to the Roof of the World “Mount Everest”! Travel for me has always been the air that I breathe where I get to know better my true self and connect with interesting people and cultures and engage in community philanthropy charity projects.

I'm a dreamer with a vision and I always knew that I was going to achieve one day something great in my life. I turned my passion for travel to a business in August 2007 by starting pronounced moo-saa-fir) which means “traveler” in Arabic. Today it became the UAE first premium-experience travel website with over 3,000 flights destinations, hotel stays in over 85,000 properties around the world, holiday experiences and much more.

What inspired you to get involved in Gumball Rally Racing?

I was fond of cars since childhood and I became a car collector at a young age. Gumball Rally is a colorful Racing event which inspired me to participate in it not only because of cars racing but also because it’s an international event which requires planning and preparation for it, ahead of time, by coming up with new innovative selected creative designs which inspire me for the car that I choose for each Gumball rally. I like to get involved in the Gumball Rally race every now and then because it combines Rally racing, Art Design, Travel with friends to new destinations, music, entertainment and fashion along the way.

What are your 3 greatest accomplishments?

  • Scaling the Seven highest Summits of the Seven Continents.
  • Skiing to the last degree” to the South Pole.
  • Successfully leading from 2nd to 12th October 2014, the “Elevate to Educate” fundraising trip for a group of 12 young Qataris to the Summit of Kilimanjaro and raised 2.2m Riyals to build a school in Gaza.

How do you feel about Fashion?

I am passionate about fashion because artistic expression is poured in it from the designer’s heart and soul, being able to create and express emotions from within the present time and trends is a gift - the gift of creating be it fashion designing, painting, interior designing, sculpting, photographing, composing by putting chords and notes together, singing and writing poetry.

I love fashion and I always look into how the trendy fashion designers communicate and integrate their inspired designs with fusion. I like to control the way in which I come across people from my own culture and other cultures to project my image depending on my feelings and the situation.

Check out Al Thani’s latest conquest to climb Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (February 23, 2018 through March 3, 2018) on his social media accounts: : :


Health, fitness & discipline are the driving forces behind the success of Personal Trainer, Nina Baptista.  Her dedication to fitness and her individual sense of style embodies the Michael Allenova Woman!

Nina developed a passion for fitness as a child living in Venezuela at the age of 17. As an adult, her passion for fitness excelled when she migrated to United States. Resilient by nature, she competed 20 times in the National Physique Federation (NPC) Body Builder Competitions. Her titles include: 2 first place titles in the Masters Division; 6 second place titles in the Master Bikini Division; and placements in the top 5 Open Division. She competed in Southern States, Anna Levels, Rubi, Diamonds and the National State Competition in Pittsburg placing in the top 10. Not bad for an immigrant living out her childhood dreams.

Her fitness resume is extensive with specialties under the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFTP) in the areas of Master Trainer, Nutritional Coach, Kettlebell Specialist, Bootcamp Specialist, and Suspend Body Training (SBT) Stretching Technique Specialist to name a few.

Three years ago, Nina’s passion for fitness inspired her to start Nina’s Hot Spot Training W.H.B. (Work Hard Bitch) in Davie, Florida. The slogan “Work Hard Bitch” implies that it takes hard work and dedication to obtain optimal fitness goals. She inspires and motivate people of all ages to reach their maximum potential and improve their overall health. This past October, she celebrated the 3rd year anniversary for Nina’s Hot Spot Training. A great accomplishment! Her future goal is to open her own gym. Keep an eye on Nina!

Get to know Nina a little more through these answers:

What inspired you to be a trainer? 

“I’ve always been in love with fitness. I believe in preventive medicine and taking care of your body first, which includes eating healthy and incorporating physical activities.”

How do you feel about fashion in the fitness industry?

“Fashion inspires me. When I look good, I feel good and project positive energy.”

What are your 3 greatest accomplishments?

“Overcoming the stigma associated with teenage pregnancy to becoming a great parent & successful entrepreneur. 

“Overcoming the barriers of immigration and the English language to become a U.S. Citizen with the rights to vote. “

“Having the opportunity to do what I love. My work is my passion.”

Contact Nina’s Hot Spot Training on Instagram and Facebook for your overall fitness needs: personal training, group training, kettle bell classes, suspend body training, fitness counseling, and nutrition coach.

SQUAD!!!!!! Nina’s Hot Spot Elite Team.

Fitness is serious business! Nina’s Hot Spot Elite Team W.H.B.

Nina Baptista in her element leading Kettlebell Class.

Michael Allenova Women Designs

Nina’s Hot Spot Elite Team fitness wreath rockin Michael Allenova Women Designs.

Michael Allenova Women Designs

Nina’s Hot Spot Elite Team multicultural beauties rockin Michael Allenova Women Designs.


Fearless, relentless, champion describes British boxing Light Welterweight Champion Ashley “Treasure” Theophane. Born and raised in a tough area of London, he used his negative surroundings as fuel for his successes. His hard work, drive & relentless determination to succeed under extremely negative situations makes Ashley “Treasure” Theophane a Michael Allenova Man!

Ashley’s belief to succeed led him to New York at the age of 22 to fight in small halls across the country even with no money to support his dreams and little support back in the United Kingdom. His humble beginnings gave him the humility to train relentlessly with some of the world’s greatest fighters in order to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a champion in the boxing world. His hard work would pay off on February 19, 2011 at the world renowned Wembley Arena in London, Ashley won his first British Lightweight Welterweight title by knocking down Lenny Daws twice in the ninth round, winning by unanimous decision. Again, on December 28, 2012, with a first round knock-out of Chaurembo Palasa to obtain his second GBC Welterweight title.

Ashley collaborated with the biggest name in sports and joined Mayweather Promotions (The Money Team) on September 14, 2013. His bout ended in a tough loss by split decision against Pablo Cesar Cano. However, his relentless drive to win was awarded with a technical knock-out against Angino Perez on the Mayweather vs Maidana undercard on May 13, 2014. Ashley would go on to a six game winning streak and a loss against Adrien Broner on April 1, 2016 for the vacant WBA Super Lightweight title. Ashley returned to victory and obtained his 40th win by unanimous decision on December 2, 2016 against Yakubu Amidu. His latest bout against Shoki Sakai resulted in a loss by unanimous decision on August 22, 2016.

With 40 wins, 7 losses, 1 draw & 11 KO’s, Ashley’s journey for greatness continues. Get to know him a little more through these questions:

What inspired you to be a boxer?

Watching Mike Tyson as a 5 year old child with my father in London inspired me to want to be a boxer and fight in Las Vegas.  

How do you feel about fashion in boxing?

Fashion period, I believe you should have pleasure in dressing in style and being proud of how you look. 

What are 3 of your best accomplishments?

My 3 greatest accomplishments are becoming British champion, fighting for the world championship and signing with Floyd Mayweather over 4 years ago. 

Check out Ashley’s style and boxing skills on his Instagram Account.

 Michael Allenova Men Rebel Jersey

Ashley “Treasure” Theophane rocking Michael Allenova Men Rebel Jersey.

Ashley “Treasure” Theophane posing with Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Ashley “Treasure” Theophane jabs Adrien Broner on April 1, 2016.

Stylish Ashley “Treasure” Theophane in Wellman’s 2013 Campaign.


Fashionista, style icon & social butterfly describes Elite Miami Personal Stylist, Paola Ekelund. Her fashion skills include personal styling, personal shopping, customized look books to re-create client looks and closet revisions. Her fashion expertise, individual sense of style & her warm spirit embodies the Michael Allenova Woman!

Paola’s experience in the fashion industry spans over 18 years. Some of her clients include: Real Housewives of Miami (Alexia Echevarria, Lisa Hochstein, & Joanna Krupa); Basketball Wives Miami (Suzie Ketcham, Evelyn Lozada, & Jennifer Williams); Entrepreneur, Producer, & Former Penthouse Executive (Jennifer and Marc Bell); and Miami Social Reality Show (Sorah Dahai).

What inspired you to be a stylist?

I had a fashion sense for as long as I could remember. At an early age, I collected & treasured fashion magazines. I spent hours watching Fashion TV and dreamed of Paris and New York Fashion Week.

How do you feel about fashion?

Fashion is the easiest way for me to express how I feel. You dress up first for yourself. When you wear outfits you feel good……your confidence goes through the roof. Fashion is therapy too… many times when you are not having a very good day, you went shopping and bought this killer outfit, or bag or shoes and immediately your mood, your facial expressions and you aura changed to a happier you.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I follow trends and try to keep up with the season’s latest styles. But I have to say that in my years as a Stylist I learned that nothing speaks more than being comfortable, secure and feeling sexy and powerful. Also, I’m a big believer in no prints, solids will take you very far. Summers are just so wonderful to me because you will see me basically wearing white a lot. Winters, I love to go all the way, mixing leather, cashmere, fur, boots, gloves and hats. Because I live in Miami I have to say Fall is my fave time of the year, I get to dress up every day.

Do you feel like you influence fashion and style? If so, how?

I want to believe that I do and actually I have many clients that tell me…how they love my Boho Chic Style. I believe in changing, mixing fabrics and basically wearing what I feel good in. My best advice to my clients is……LESS IS MORE!

What are your 3 best accomplishments?

  1. Helping clients in their most difficult times, being a good listener and most importantly being a FRIEND to them.

  1. I do what I love for living, how amazing is that?

  1. Running Fashion Week New York for many years for BCBG Max Azria and Herve Leger for 12 years and making sure all my clients had the best time ever!

Check out Paola’s fashion skills on Instagram. Make an appointment for fashion services through her website

Paola at New York Fashion Week.

Paola perfect time for a selfie moment.

Paola looking fabulous!

 Michael Allenova Women Signature Stallion
Paola rocking Michael Allenova Women Signature Stallion in Saint Tropez.


Strength, passion, courage & boldness describes Portuguese race car driver, Carina Lima. Born in Angola in 1979, she developed a passion for cars and speed at a very young age. The audacity to compete in a sport reserved for mostly men with an edgy casual fashion sense is what makes Carina a Michael Allenova Woman!

Carina started racing in 2012 with a small participation in the GT championship in Portugal driving the Ferrari 430. She entered her first race in 2014 in the Lamborghini Supertrofeo but due to unforeseen problems did not complete the season. Her participation in the Lamborghini Supertrofeo in 2015 proved to be a success for her and her co-racer. Both won the category Gallardo AM and obtained the title of European champions.

No stranger to high-performance cars, Carina purchased the very first Koenigsegg One: 1, chassis number 106, which was the original pro type used to develop the car valued at $6,000,000. Her portfolio of cars includes Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini.

Carina’s story is proof that it’s never too late to fulfill a dream. Get to know her a little more through these questions:

How do you feel about fashion and style?

I love fashion but I don't follow it as my daily bases. I am very simple many times and can be also dressed with style. But normal I am more casual.

Do you feel like you influence fashion and style?

I think we can please some and others no, so it's all a matter of who and how and where :) 

What are 3 of your best accomplishments?

I can only think about one... not accomplishment but the best thing in life, being a mother!! All the rest are daily fights, every day we have new challenges and we must fight for our dreams always.

Check out Carina’s style and race car skills on her Instagram Account.

 Carina Lima

Who said that a driver must be a man? Race car driver Carina Lima.

Carina Lima

Carina lounging on the very first Koenigsegg One: 1, chassis number 106.

Michael Allenova Womens Jersey

Carina styling in a Laferrari rockin the Michael Allenova Women Jersey.

 Michael Allenova Womens Jersey

Carina styling on a Pagani rockin the Michael Allenova Women Jersey.


 Carina Lima rockin the Michael Allenova Womens Jersey at a private event at Yas Marina Gran Prix in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Race car driver Carina Lima rockin the Michael Allenova Womens Jersey & test driving the insane Pagani Pearl at Yas Marina Gran Prix in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Fearless, unconventional, rebel with a fashion style that represents the Michael Allenova Woman. Inessa Tushkanova fits the bill. Inessa, a 29 year old international motor sports competitor was born in Ukraine in 1987. She started racing in the rallies in 2006 then moved to Moscow in pursuit of better opportunities in racing. Her greatest achievements in racing are a Master of Sports in auto racing, the owner of a “Capital Cup” in 2008, bronze prize winner of “Club Rally Cup” in 2006 and her legacy continues.

Inessa started her career as a model to participate in rallies around the world. She garnered attention in the modeling world when she graced the covers of Russian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian Playboy issues. In 2014, Inessa formed a Miami connection when she participated in the “Miss Russian Miami” pageant. During the event, she was crowned “Miss Russian Radio.”


Check out Inessa’s race car skills & fashion style on her Instagram Account.

 Michael Allenova Signature Stallion

Inessa rocking the ladies Michael Allenova Signature Stallion shirt.



Inessa wearing race car gear.



Inessa posing on her Porche 911.


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