Fearless, unconventional, rebel with a fashion style that represents the Michael Allenova Woman. Inessa Tushkanova fits the bill. Inessa, a 29 year old international motor sports competitor was born in Ukraine in 1987. She started racing in the rallies in 2006 then moved to Moscow in pursuit of better opportunities in racing. Her greatest achievements in racing are a Master of Sports in auto racing, the owner of a “Capital Cup” in 2008, bronze prize winner of “Club Rally Cup” in 2006 and her legacy continues.

Inessa started her career as a model to participate in rallies around the world. She garnered attention in the modeling world when she graced the covers of Russian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian Playboy issues. In 2014, Inessa formed a Miami connection when she participated in the “Miss Russian Miami” pageant. During the event, she was crowned “Miss Russian Radio.”


Check out Inessa’s race car skills & fashion style on her Instagram Account.

 Michael Allenova Signature Stallion

Inessa rocking the ladies Michael Allenova Signature Stallion shirt.



Inessa wearing race car gear.



Inessa posing on her Porche 911.


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