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Health, fitness & discipline are the driving forces behind the success of Personal Trainer, Nina Baptista.  Her dedication to fitness and her individual sense of style embodies the Michael Allenova Woman!

Nina developed a passion for fitness as a child living in Venezuela at the age of 17. As an adult, her passion for fitness excelled when she migrated to United States. Resilient by nature, she competed 20 times in the National Physique Federation (NPC) Body Builder Competitions. Her titles include: 2 first place titles in the Masters Division; 6 second place titles in the Master Bikini Division; and placements in the top 5 Open Division. She competed in Southern States, Anna Levels, Rubi, Diamonds and the National State Competition in Pittsburg placing in the top 10. Not bad for an immigrant living out her childhood dreams.

Her fitness resume is extensive with specialties under the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFTP) in the areas of Master Trainer, Nutritional Coach, Kettlebell Specialist, Bootcamp Specialist, and Suspend Body Training (SBT) Stretching Technique Specialist to name a few.

Three years ago, Nina’s passion for fitness inspired her to start Nina’s Hot Spot Training W.H.B. (Work Hard Bitch) in Davie, Florida. The slogan “Work Hard Bitch” implies that it takes hard work and dedication to obtain optimal fitness goals. She inspires and motivate people of all ages to reach their maximum potential and improve their overall health. This past October, she celebrated the 3rd year anniversary for Nina’s Hot Spot Training. A great accomplishment! Her future goal is to open her own gym. Keep an eye on Nina!

Get to know Nina a little more through these answers:

What inspired you to be a trainer? 

“I’ve always been in love with fitness. I believe in preventive medicine and taking care of your body first, which includes eating healthy and incorporating physical activities.”

How do you feel about fashion in the fitness industry?

“Fashion inspires me. When I look good, I feel good and project positive energy.”

What are your 3 greatest accomplishments?

“Overcoming the stigma associated with teenage pregnancy to becoming a great parent & successful entrepreneur. 

“Overcoming the barriers of immigration and the English language to become a U.S. Citizen with the rights to vote. “

“Having the opportunity to do what I love. My work is my passion.”

Contact Nina’s Hot Spot Training on, and for your overall fitness needs: personal training, group training, kettle bell classes, suspend body training, fitness counseling, and nutrition coach.

 Nina Baptista Michael Allenova Women

SQUAD!!!!!! Nina’s Hot Spot Elite Team.


Nina Baptista Michael Allenova Women

Fitness is serious business! Nina’s Hot Spot Elite Team W.H.B.

Nina Baptista Michael Allenova Women

Nina Baptista in her element leading Kettlebell Class.

Michael Allenova Women Designs

Nina’s Hot Spot Elite Team fitness wreath rockin Michael Allenova Women Designs.

Michael Allenova Women Designs

Nina’s Hot Spot Elite Team multicultural beauties rockin Michael Allenova Women Designs.

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